skip Finally, my stomach upset has subsided. As I said in my previous post, there can’t be much left in there now except a bit of dust and a few random washers and screws. I was turned inside out after my peanut faut pas. If they based a movie on it, they would have had to include an intermission. Epic diarrhoea. So I’m starting my Wednesday feeling positive and potentially a half a stone lighter. To make matters better, I hear the waste recovery people in my drive, removing my skip. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. I feel like everyone has been walking by our house with appalled looks on their faces, whispering, “Jaysus…did ya see the state she let her carpets get to???”….”Why is there no enamel left on that toilet?” Also, people have been chucking unwanted nursery furniture into it while I was away on holidays and it’s definitely overloaded. They’re having a right time trying to get it on the lorry. I am basing that last statement on the momentary glance I took through the bottom lat of my closed wooden blind. Had to do a commando shuffle to the window to take a peep. I suspect if they knew I was in, I may have to unload some items. I’ve just made my daughter mute her tablet. They’ve been a good 20 minutes out there now. If they ring the bell, I’m planning to blame it on them for not getting here sooner. I can pretend the rusty toilet and carpets were illegally dumped in there this morning by a dirty neighbour.

I was elated to receive my date with the plastic surgeon in the post. I shall be attending on the first week of November which gives me tons of time to get my BMI in check and with a bit of luck, I may have new boobs for Christmas…or smaller old ones at least.

My remarkably dutiful husband assembled my daughter’s new dream bed which marks the end of our refurbishments in her room. We are getting there! On a worrying note, she and her best friend are still been hog tying her Mickey Mouse  teddy, occasionally gagging him and hanging him from the rungs of the stairs. Apparently giving her a dream bedroom has not distracted her from this occupation as we had hoped it might. We may have a little nutter on our hands. We set up a bit of a therapy session in her room so Mickey could work through some of his issues….A problem shared and all that.


In terms of eating, I think that yesterday was a success. I started the day with GF cereal and sexed it up with raisins, walnut halves, blueberries and maple syrup. To be honest, the Kelkin buckwheat flakes  are sexy enough but I’ll definitely be trying this again with the cheaper lidl/ aldi home brands. My absolute fave of all non dairy milks is Alpro Oat Milk. It’s the only one that you can put in a cup of  Barrys tea. My budget sometimes dictates that I have soya but it destroys your cuppa. Sometimes you can get lucky in the cheaper supermarkets – they’ll have almond milk in stock which is a close second to the oat milk. 20170718_102526

Lunch was a rush because I had to fly over to our neighboring town to collect my son from science camp. I opted for a slimming world egg wrap (like a very thin plain omelette you use as a wrap – click for more recipes by fellow blogger). I threw a few smoked bacon medallions in the pan and packed them in a wrap with tons of spinach. Dinner was a very green affair. Incorporating flavour into stir fries and casseroles is a bit more of a challenge when dairy and gluten are off the table and there’s a lot of chopping and dicing involved. I’m planning to do this in the mornings when I can and store the ingredients in tubs in the fridge. So I minced garlic and a fairly substantial clump of root ginger through a fine grater. I sliced a green pepper (very aptly the black sheep of the pepper family but I hate throwing things away), a granny smith apple and  3 spring onions. I fried off some chopped pork loin chops in thai spice. I added the vege to the wok and let it soften a bit before pouring in a splash of balsamic vinegar, fish sauce, maple syrup and a little shake of GF stock powder. A few minutes from the end i tossed in a cup of soya beans and green beans from the ice box. I served it on brown basmati and sprinkled pumpkin seeds and chopped coriander over the top. It gave me a real energy boost and I thought it tasted savage. My family ate the same and there were no complaints. All in all a healthy days nosh!

So that concludes my morning rant. I hope everyone is having a super Wednesday and feel free to follow my bulge and boob blasting mission on twitter and instagram. Big thanks to new followers. Love perusing your blogs and forums so keep visiting!



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