I received an email and a message this morning inquiring as to whether I’d be writing a piece on the latest McGregor story. I must have a rep for covering sport scandals which is ironic considering I can neither see or catch a ball let alone throw a punch. (I have a lazy eye, +7 prescription and butter fingers).

At the time I opened the message I had only heard snippets of headlines which reported a “bus attack”. I automatically presumed it was one of two potential scenarios. The first being the UFC legend had got into a heated altercation with a Bus Éireann driver over correct change in which case I would deeply sympathise. Conductors can have impromptu breakdowns if they see anything more than a fiver note emerging from a wallet and McGregor could easily have flashed a 50 which has led to many an on-board showdown over the years.. Alternatively, he was using one of the Intercity Services which can be a bit of an emotional minefield for anyone with a fiery disposition and a tight schedule.

However, upon further reading I learned it all occurred at a UFC event in NYC and unsurprisingly Bus Éireann were not providing transport. (Although I do think their drivers are probably more experienced in dealing with this kind of…eejiting around). From what I’ve read, many are calling it a random act of loyalty. Others see it as a drug infused publicity stunt.

I watched the video of Conor and his entourage running around the lot and throwing stuff at a bus window and while I agree that he’s not exactly setting a good example, he appears to be as confused and uncertain of his own behaviour as I feel watching it.

giphy (15)

He’s either a hero, a headcase or a langer. Either way, we’re all talking about him again which was most likely the crucial point.


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