FB_IMG_1523213820529Contrary to what this poster suggests, it is not physically or even theoretically possible to “repeal” a 9 week old foetus. You can however repeal an amendment which often puts the health of the wonderful women of this country at risk. Voting yes will allow medical staff administer the correct care to vulnerable women which could save their lives and their fertility. This is an island packed with strong, intelligent and conscientious women. Constance Markievicz, Veronica Guerin, Kathleen Lynn, Mary Robinson, Anne Devlin, Marian Keyes, Maeve Binchy….The list is endless. We are a culture of women who have earned the right and trust to make good, responsible and informed choices. I can relate to a woman’s individual reservations about abortion and respect their decision to continue their pregnancy no matter what but I also respect that each circumstance is utterly unique and the correct course of action can only be determined by the individual. I don’t want to be a backseat driver and want to trust the Mná of Ireland to choose the best route for them. #togetherforyes #repealthe8th #repeal #tá4mná


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